Time Gate. Structure built and painted entire in Quintana Roo jungle.

If to enter in it and go through, magic will happen…


 I’ve titled that piece Time Gate. It is dedicated to the time relativity and different ways of perception of it – in different cultures, of different people.
That difference is very actual in the modern time, when some people live and work in modern techogenic megapolices,   in very hurry lifestyle and other in small abondoned towns  which haven’t changed of how they were looking like hundreds years ago, live slow and simple way of life of their ancestors.
While I was working on that, I’ve realised that time in the jungle flow in a different way from time in the city. Maybe this perception of time was one of the roots of Mayan civilization.
It is still possible to notice difference of attitude to the time of local mayan people and the tourist people…
Time Gate – structure built in Q.Roo jungle and painted entire. Acrylic painting and ink drawing technique.

 Sketches and ideas. I’ve designed construction – sizes and shape:




Thanks to Holistika and Tulum Art Club for support.



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