Renowned for his striking visual imagery, Aleksei Bordusov aka Aec Interesni Kazki is a Ukrainian  artist whose surrealistic works grace walls across the globe. His bright, intriguing murals—inspired by science, religion, mythology, cosmology, myths and times past—are filled with color, and often accompanied by black and white drawings . Aec’s highly detailed pieces appear like they come from a fairy tale populated by colorful imaginary creatures that often seem to be in motion. The comparison with fairy tale characters is not unintentional as his nickname Interesni Kazki literally means Interesting Fairytales .

Artistic Beginnings and Interesni Kazki

Aec Interesni Kazki got basic knowledge and skills of drawing and painting during his studies in architecture at Art Academy. Upon graduation, he realized that he doesn’t want to pursue a career as an architect but wants to focus on art only. It was in the late 1990s that he started painting on the streets of Kiev as a part of graffiti crew. However, after several years of experimenting with graffiti, he got bored of it. In 2005, Aec teamed with Waone in creating pieces composed without traditional graffiti lettering. Inspired by murals from other parts of the world, and in particular, Brazil, Aec and Waone formed Interesni Kazki duo that became known for their unique style of contemporary muralism. Merging science fiction, fantasy, and ukrainian traditional  culture, they created their own dreamlike universe inhabited by mysterious subjects. After more than a decade of fruitful collaboration and numerous street pieces made by Interesni Kazki, the duo split in May 2016 and both Aec and Waone decided to follow their dreams as solo artists

Colors, Shades and Forms

Over the years of artistic work, Aleksei has developed his own technical skills, and moved from stylization to more realistic/surrealistic and anatomic images, focused on colors, their shades and forms. Although he experimented with different techniques, he realized that the traditional paint brush technique gives him more opportunities than others, so today he mainly works with brushes and acrylics paints on the murals. But the main part of his time Aec dedicates to the studio working. He works on canvases and paper, using acrylics, watercolor, ink and oil paints.

Allegorical art of Aec

Through his striking artworks, Aec shows an amazing artistic ability to create allegorical and figurative artworks without using direct imaginary, so people can understand it free, in their own way, according to their own imagination. He considers a creation of art as “an opportunity to understand mystical reasons of The Universe” as well as to rediscover topics that range from science and history to religion and myths in his own way. Aec’s signature narrative-like style works can be found on walls throughout Europe, as well as beyond, in Australia, USA, Puerto Rico, India, Brazil, and many more. Aec had his solo exhibitions in galleries in Italy, United States, and France. His works participated in many group shows in different galleries across the globe. Some of Aec’s pieces are represented in the museums.

Aleksei Bordusov aka Aec Interesni Kazki lives and works in Kiev, Ukraine.




– Participated in mural project Al Ahulaga in Furteventura Island, Spain.

– Painted mural for Ultra Korea music festival.

– Painted mural for art residency in Konvent Zero. Berga, Spain.

– Participated in Street Art For Mankind mural project in New Rochelle and New York City.


– Solo exhibition The Earth Is Flat in Mirus Gallery. San Francisco, CA. USA.

– Time Gate. Structure built and painted entire in Quintana Roo jungle. During staying in art residency at Tulum Art Club.

– Participated in Macromurales project, in Queretaro, Mexico.

–  Participated in StArt – Open Your Eyes mural project in Pisa, Italy.

– Participated in Art For All In The World mural project, in Skien, Norway.

– Solo exhibition ‘Déjà Vu & Jamais Vu’  in Paris.


– Participated in Urban art festival Unexpected in Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA.
– Participated in mural project Art For All In The World in Sandefjord, Norway.
– Participated in mural project The Beauty Project Mexico in Mexico City.
– Participated in mural project ProyectoPanorama in Cancun, Mexico.


– Took a part in mural project Heerlen Murals, Heerlen, Netherlands.
– Took a part in Bloop Festival project
– Interesni Kazki solo show Sacred Gravitation. Jonathan LeVine gallery. New York. USA.


– Took a part in mural project Obra, curated by Instagrafite blog. Sao Paulo. Brasil.
– 2015 Took a part in Emergence, International Festival of Street Art and Urban Actions. Catany .Italy. Sicily
– Took a part in part in mural festival Public2015 organized by FORM in Perth Cyty, Western Australia.
– Participated in group show Surface Project by SØREN SOLKÆR ,Portrets and paintings by street artists.


– Took a part in mural festival Ayia Napa Street Art festival. Ayia Napa. Cyprus.
– Selfmade mural project and creation of mural “Ukrainian St.George” in Kiev. Ukraine.
– Took a part in WEAART mural festival. Aalborg. Denmark.
– Interesni Kazki solo exhebition Inter Arma Silent Musae. Grottaglie. Italy. Studio Cromie Gallery.
– Participated in Milestone Project in Girona, Spain.


– Took a part in Los Muros Hablan Festival. Painting mural.San Juan. Puerto Rico.
– Took a part in art festival Life Is Beautiful. Painting mural during the festival.Las Vegas. USA.
– Took a part in Wynwood walls mural project. Painting mural befor Art Basel.Miami.USA
– Took a part in Garage Project. Mural project in Detroit. USA with Library Street Art Collective.
– Took a part in art festival FAVCA Cuidad Del Carmen. Mexico
– Took a part in mural project LGZ Moscow.Russia.
– Took a part in stree art festival «Boombarstick Festival» Vodnjan. Croatia.
– Took a part in artists residence for A WORD OF ART project. Cape Town. South Afrca.


– Took a part in street art festival «Street Art In Closter» St.Ottilien. Bavaria. Germany
– Took a part in street art festival «Fame Festival» Grottaglie. Italy
– Took a part in art festival « Milestone Project » Girona. Spain.
– Took a part in street art festival « Bloop Festival 2012 » St.Antony De Portmany. Ibiza. Spain
– Took a part in mural art festival «All City Canvas ». Mexico City. Mexico.
– Took a part in mural art festival« Living Walls». Atlanta. USA.
– Took a part in mural art festival «Open Walls». Baltimore. USA.
– Took a part in group show «Streets of the world» Opera Gallery. New York. USA.


– Took a part in «Wynwood walls project 2011», Miami. USA.
– Interesni Kazki solo show «Nothing Special» Mid-City Arts gallery, Los Angeles. USA
– Interesni Kazki solo show «Objects of the universe» Avantgarden gallery, Milan. Italy.
– Took a part in street art festival «Bloop Festival 2011»,Ibiza.Spain
– Took a part in street art festival «Street Art Communications»,Kosice.Slovakia.
– Took a part in street art festival « Walk&Talk», Azores Islands. Portugal.
– Took a part in group show «Collective dreams», Kiev. Ukraine.


– Took a part in street art festival «Art For All»,Seville. Spaine
– Interesni Kazki solo show «Paranoya & Shtrihi», Gallery ALL OVER , Lyon. France.
– Took a part in street art festival «Poliniza», Valencia. Spain