• Déjà Vu & Jamais Vu •

 Solo exhibition in Paris, in Adda&Taxie gallery .

Opened  December 14th. Runs till  January 26th  2019

35 Avenue Matignon ,Paris 75008

‘Deja vu’ is a feeling of having already experienced the present situation, maybe that feeling comes from your subconscious or forgotten memories of the childhood or it comes from different dimentions of the Universe or from your past life.  ‘Jamais vu’ is something opposite to ‘Deja vu’ – that is never seen, that is impossible to imagine, probably it is the future or something behind human lifes and imagination….I am going to represent several new pieces which are done in different techniques- acrylic painting and ink drawing on canvases and several pieces in watercolors and guache on paper. Several  acrylic paintings and ink drawings from my past exhibition The Earth Is Flat, happend last January in San Francisco, CA, will be represented as well. I am going to show some new pieсes which are ‘Jamais vu’ together with pieces, which have already been before – ‘Deja vu’. Anyway, all of them will be ‘Jamais vu’ for the French viewer.

Installation view and opening reception