Solo exhibition Victoria ,in AG18 gallery in Vienna, Austria.
Show opened on April 19th and will run till May 21st.
This show is dedicated to my home country, Ukraine.
The title of the exhibition “Victoria” represents what I believe in and wish for Ukraine.
Victory of the creation over destruction, good over evil, truth over a lies. The Ukrainian people are defending themselves and fighting against pure evil which has the face of Russia with its tiranny and personification of its lies and injustice.
New oil paintings that I show in this exhibition are made before the war started – during 2021 / 2022 years. There is no direct link to the war in the works. It only exists in a painting Somnia Belli which I created in Vienna, just before the show.
My book Mythgazing is also available in the gallery.
We donate part of the income of all proceeds from this exhibition to humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

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