Go through it for magic to happen…


 I titled the piece ‘Time Gate’, which is dedicated to time relativity and  different ways to percept it by different cultures, by different people.
This difference is very important nowadays, when some people live and work in modern techogenic megapolices, having a very hectic lifestyle, while others inhabit small abondoned towns  which haven’t changed and remaind the same hundreds of years, they still lead slow and simple life as their ancestors did.
While creating the piece, I suddenly realized that the pace of time is so different in jungles comparing to a hectic city. Maybe this perception of time was one of the roots of Mayan civilization.
Local Mayan people still have different attitude to time comparing to tourists.
‘Time Gate’,  structure built in Q.Roo jungle, was projected and entirely painted by my. Acrylic painting and ink drawing technique.

 Sketches and ideas. I’ve designed construction – sizes and shape:




Thanks to Holistika and Tulum Art Club for support.